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About Us

About Us

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Tehran Basamad Makan at a Glance

The Tehran Basamad MakanEngineering Co. has been established according to our aims for executing telecommunication projects with regarding to international standards and technical basis.

This group consists of Tehran Basamad Co. core personnel (Designer, manufacturer and installer of telecommunication mast), and many expert engineers in the field of: quality control, telecom implementation and site accusation.

According to our great experiences in the field of telecommunications and structures, we are able to execute telecommunication projects with careful scheduling and proper management.

With consideration to the importance of telecommunication sites for Ertebatat-e-Sayar Iran Co. (MCI), this company has made comprehensive studies about the difficulties of these sites. We currently know how to enhance the quality and performance of telecommunication sites.

In-time supplying of masts according to standards of MCI is one of the critical points of the implementation of BTS sites.

This company is capable of manufacturing masts and is about to receive certificate from MCI to use these products in BTS sites projects.

Therefore, we are able to execute and commission the BTS sites with highest quality within the shortest possible time.

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