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Top 10 Telecom

Top 10 Telecom

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Top 10 Telecom Industry Trends & Innovations in 2021

The telecom sector faces several looming challenges in the form of network load and infrastructure optimization, effectively addressing subscriber grievances to reduce churn, and improve security for telecommunications. The top 10 telecom industry trends directly address these challenges, in addition to improving the overall efficiency for telecom companies. Increasing global connectivity, further fuelled by the COVID-19 pandemic, presents numerous opportunities for telecom companies to reach more subscribers and offer innovative products and services. Smart factories, cities, homes, cars, and industrial workplaces require efficient and affordable cloud and 5G technology solutions, especially to address the growing number of connected people and things.

Innovation Map outlines the Top 10 Telecom Industry Trends & 20 Promising Startups

For this in-depth research on the Top Telecom Industry Trends & Startups, we analyzed a sample of 3.519 global startups and scaleups. The result of this research is data-driven innovation intelligence that improves strategic decision-making by giving you an overview of emerging technologies & startups in the telecom industry. These insights are derived by working with our Big Data & Artificial Intelligence-powered StartUs Insights Discovery Platform, covering 2.093.000+ startups & scaleups globally. The platform quickly delivers an exhaustive overview of emerging technologies within a specific field as well as identifies relevant startups & scaleups early on.

In the Innovation Map below, you get an overview of the Top 10 Industry Trends & Innovations that impact telecom companies worldwide. Moreover, the Telecom Innovation Map reveals 20 hand-picked startups, all working on emerging technologies that advance their field. To explore custom insights, get in touch.

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