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 Walkie Talkies

Walkie Talkies

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Walkie Talkies in Different Countries - Legality and Licensing

LPD433 (low power device 433 MHz) is a UHF band in which license free communication devices are allowed to operate in some regions. The frequencies correspond with the ITU region 1 ISM band of 433.050 MHz to 434.790 MHz, and operation is limited to CEPT countries. The frequencies used are within the 70-centimeter band, which is currently reserved for government and amateur radio operations in the United States and most nations worldwide.

LPD hand-held radios are authorized for licence-free voice communications use in most of Europe using analog frequency modulation (FM) as part of short range device regulations,with 25 kHz channel spacing, for a total of 69 channels. In some countries, LPD devices may only be used with an integral and non-removable antenna with a maximum legal power output of 10 mW.

Voice communication in the LPD band was introduced to reduce the burden on the eight (now sixteen)PMR446 channels over shorter ranges (less than 1 km).

LPD is also used in vehicle key-less entry device, garage or gate openers and some outdoor home weather station products.

"PMR446" is a European Union standard for radios approved for use in the UK and the European Union. They have 8 channels at frequency 446MHz, and a maximum range of around 2 miles in open country.

No PMR446 radio can have more than 500mW of transmission power, so all makes and models effectively have the same maximum range.

The Cobra radios that we supply and also the Kirisun PT558, Lynx PT400 and Entel HX446L are all PMR446-compliant European radios.

PMR446 radios (like the ones that we sell) are NOT APPROVED for use in the U.S.A or Canada.

In Europe the electrical mains voltage is 230 - 240v, so American radio chargers will not work, and will probably be damaged if you plug them in, because they are designed for 120v.

FRS and GMRS are American official standards for consumer radios widely sold in shops in those countries.

They have 14 - 22 channels, on frequencies at 462 and 467MHz. They will not communicate with European PMR446 radios and are NOT LEGAL to use in the UK or Europe.

In the USA and Canada the electrical mains voltage is 120 volts, rather than the 240 volts used in Europe and the United Kingdom, so there could be problems with UK voltage blowing up the US 120v chargers.

There is NO SUCH THING as a "combined" European / American walkie-talkie that is legal to use in both places, since such a radio would, by definition, be capable of transmitting on non-legal frequencies as well, and would therefore not be legal in either country.

You cannot modify an actual PMR446 radio to work on the American FRS/GMRS channels, or vice-versa. You CAN, however program a UK non-PMR446 radio to use the American FRS and GMRS frequencies.

What About the "Rest of the World"?

Individual countries may have their own rules and restrictions about what kind of radios can be legally used. We cannot provide a complete list of these rules.

It is up to the prospective buyer to check what the situation is in their intended country of use.

From our own knowledge many countries in the Middle East are VERY STRICT about what radios people can even bring in to their countries, we have heard of people having radios confiscated from their luggage by the customs authorities on entry.

Most of Europe do not seem worried about what radios are brought in, with the exception of Switzerland, which does not allow in equipment that doesn't meet their rules.

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